Tattenhall Gun Club
.... clay pigeon shooting in beautiful South Cheshire
Est. 1962
Clay pigeon shooting in Cheshire and Shropshire
Tattenhall Gun Club - DTL Clay Pigeon Shooting, Tilston, Cheshire  Email: tgc@tattenhallgunclub.co.uk
All of our shoots are organised on a "re-entry" basis.  This means that there are a predefined number of targets per line - 10, 15 or 25 (see below) and the winner for the day is the shooter who registers the highest score on any one of their entries.  Since only your best score counts and there is no fixed limit on the number of entries that any one person can have, a disaster on one card will not necessarily ruin your chances for the day!

Start times can vary on occasions so it is always worth checking for announcements on the Home page before leaving home.  Entries are normally accepted up to 2 hours after the published start time - ie. midday in most cases.

Members are expected to assist with the clearing away process at the end of the shoot, which means that we are normally heading for home at around 3:30pm.  Please note that in order to qualify for prizes you must be there when they are awarded, right at the end of the day. 

The published schedule (copy below) can be downloaded from the Downloads page if needed, or a copy obtained from Keith on shoot days.
*************     NEW 2021 SCHEDULE    ***************