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Here you can find details of any news from around the club and shoot reports, which are posted after every shoot.  Older news items are transferred to an archive (in PDF format) which can be accessed via the Downloads page if required.
25 January, 2020 - Double-Rise, with a difference!
Double-Rise, with a difference!

As if double-rise wasn't a difficult enough event anyway, we decided at our last AGM to add a bit of spice by leaving the trap on "oscillate" for this event.  The result made for a challenging but very enjoyable shoot.

Visibility was better than last time, in fact a bit of that sunshine would had been very welcome today.  It was very grey, dank and miserable, but with no wind to speak of, very fair conditions for shooting.

Turnout was a bit disappointing, just eight of us, but still we had a good competitive shoot.  Judging by the scores, leaving the trap in oscillating mode didn't seem to make things any more difficult at all.  Russell Pierpont came out the winner with a very impressive 18/20.  Tom Devaney came in second with 17/20 and Mark Davies was third with 15/20.  All those scores would have been considered very good with the trap throwing static birds - so very well shot to those three.

This being the January shoot, there were some loose ends from last year to be tidied up.  Jason Findlay has run out Club Champion.  Unfortunately Jason wasn't with us today so he will get his trophy next time.

Keith Williams was about the only member to significantly improve his average score for last year - most of us went backwards!  So congratulations to Keith on winning the "Most Improved" trophy for this year.

The next shoot is on the 29th Feb - and that doesn't happen very often, so don't miss it!

21 December, 2019 - Sunshine All Round For Our Christmas Shoot
Sunshine All Round For Our Christmas Shoot

At one point this week I would have put money today's shoot not being possible.  Days of constant rain and flooding in many parts looked like putting a damper on our Christmas Shoot.  But, on the shortest day of the year, we arrived at the field to unbroken sunshine and that's the way it stayed.  The field was wet  but the only problem for shooting was with the beautiful and very welcome sunshine - right into our faces. Still, a small price to pay for otherwise perfect conditions.

Once shooting got underway it was apparent that big scores were going to be hard to come by.  With the sun being so low in the sky many of the targets were just not visible.  The only person to master those difficulties was Russell Pierpoint who put in a very impressive 70/75 points on his first card - a score that was never equalled and so Russell gets the trophy for this year.  Very well done to him.  Tom Devaney put in a very respectable 68 on his second card and Tom Crowther wasn't far behind on 67, so those two claimed second and third spots respectively.

But, being our Christmas Shoot, nobody went home empty-handed, thanks to our Bring-A-Prize-Take-A-Prize rule.  Well done to all who participated.

When we re-convene in January it will be to resume the Winter Series, in which Tom Devaney has a commanding lead at the half-way point.

But before that, very best Christmas and New Year wishes to all and see you on the 25th Jan.

30 November, 2019 - Well, it is the Winter Series!

On a bitterly cold and damp day only eight souls ventured out to shoot for today's points in the winter series.  We were rewarded with a very enjoyable shoot and a bit of sunshine at the end to help thaw us out.

The pace was set by Tom Devaney who came straight out of the blocks with a magnificent (given the conditions) 45/45 on his very first card.  So the rest of the day was all about trying to force a shoot-off.  But in the end nobody managed it.  Jason Findlay and Tom Crowther came closest with 40/45 apiece giving them joint second spot and 1.5 points each for the series.  But the main prize, 3 points, went to a very deserving Tom Devaney - well done to him.

So at the half-way point the series is looking good for Tom Devaney who holds a commanding lead with 7 points, 4 ahead of his nearest rival, John Tennison.  The full series table so far can be viewed here: (Click here).

Next time, only 3 weeks off,  it's the Christmas Trophy shoot.  Don't forget your prize for the "Bring-a-prize-Take-a-prize".  Look forward to see you then.

02 November, 2019 - EGM and a Just-About-Dry Shoot

Today's shoot was actually the October shoot which was postponed last week because of the weather.  It was still pretty wet today, but the heavy rain just about held off long enough for us to have a very enjoyable shoot.

Before shooting began we held an EGM, the main business of which was to apppoint a new Chairman, following the resignation of Gary Crofts at the last shoot.  John Tennison was appointed by unanimous consent and we wish him well in his new role.

It was also decided to revert to our original rule regarding shot loads and sizes.  So, from now on it's 28grams max, in no greater shot size than 7.

We were a bit down on numbers today, but considering the weather and the clash with the Rugby final, we didn't do too bad.  A field of 9 shooters competed for this months points for the Winter Series.

As befits our Chairman, it was John Tennison who set the pace with an unsurpassed 45/45 full-house on his third card. So it's 3 points to him.   Rob MacFarlane put in a really excellent performance to claim second spot and 2 points with a brilliant 44/45 - so close!  Tom Devaney bagged the remaining point and third place with a very respectable 43/45.  Very well done to all three placed shooters.

Next shoot is on the 30th November - let's hope things have dried out a bit by then.

28 September, 2019 - 2019/20 Winter Series Gets Underway

The 2019/20 Winter Series got underway today with a well attended and very competitive shoot.

Things got off to a slow start but then on their second cards Tom Devaney and Gary Crofts each put in 44/45 scores, just missing out on that elusive full-house.  So it was just a question then of whether anybody could get them all.  In the end nobody did, but both Mark Davies and Jason Findlay did manage 44/45s of their own on their last cards of the day.  The ensuing shoot-off resulted in Tom Devaney taking the 3 points, Mark Davies the 2 and Jason Findlay 1 point, to get the series off to a flying start.  Well done to all those three.

But the shooting was eclipsed today by the news that Gary Crofts has decided to stand down as our chairman and resign from the club.  Gary has shot with us for nearly 20 years now and been chairman for over 16 of those.  He has also consistently been one of our very top shooters, so it really is a sad day for us all.  We wish Gary well and thank him wholeheartedly for all he has brought to the club over so many years - we will miss him and his unique sense of humour!.

All of which means that we now have a vacancy for a new Chairman.  Anyone fancying having a go at that should have a word with Keith.

Next shoot is on the 26th October, see you then.

31 August, 2019 - Jason's engraving bills continue to mount up!
Jason's engraving bills continue to mount up!

Today's shoot was preceded by our AGM and the minutes for that can be found on the Downloads page.

Once shooting got underway we were a bit hampered by one or two very heavy showers and a very persistent herd of bullocks.  But nevertheless we persisted and had a very enjoyable and competitive Rob Ankers Trophy shoot.

Jason Findlay has looked after this trophy for the last three years in a row, so he was definitely the one to beat - which is never easy. He made it all the more difficult by putting in a pretty unassailable 19/20 on his second card which ensured that he will now be custodian of the trophy for a fourth year.  The only serious challenge came from club stalwart, Gary Crofts with a very creditable 17/20.  In many years that would have been good enough to win, but today it could only secure a very well-earned second place.  Third spot went to Dave Bithell with 15/20.  Very well done to all three placed shooters.

When Keith Williams won last month's Phil Morgan Trophy it became apparent that there was no more room on the shield for his name to be engraved.  So Keith has used his considerable woodworking skills to fashion a brand new shield, to laboriously transfer all the old engraving plates and to add sufficient to last us for the next 13 years.  And a very good job it is too - pictured here.

Not content with that, Keith and Robert Tomlinson have also spent a day last week in re-flooring our "pavillion".  Another excellent job and thanks go to both of them for giving up their time for that.

So that's it!  Summer is over with and now we're into the Winter Series - starting on the 28th September.  Look forward to seeing you then.

27 July, 2019 - Another day out for the Albert Nixon Trophy
Another day out for the Albert Nixon Trophy

Funny summer this!  Two days after the hottest UK day ever, we  arrived at the field this morning to grey and drizzle, which lasted all day long.  But at the least the temperature was a bit more comfortable to shoot in and with no wind at all, conditions looked right for some high scores.

Despite numbers being a bit down, we enjoyed a good competitive shoot and we were particularly pleased to welcome Hefin Llewellyn as a new member to the club.  On todays' showing he looks like a force to be reckoned with for the future.

Things got off to a slow start with people struggling to get into the 40's on the first couple of cards.  But after the break all that changed.  Jason Findlay put in his inevitable full-house, in fact two them, and that proved enough to secure him the win for the day.  John Tennison missed out by the narrowest of margins, with a 44/45 on his third card to claim second spot and Tom Crowther ran in third with a 43/45.  Very well shot to all three placed shooters.

And so the Albert Nixon Trophy will be returning to the Findlay mantelpiece for the next year.  That's three out the last four, but at least it's had a nice day out.  I'm just glad I'm not paying Jason's engraving bills!

Next up is the Rob Ankers Double-Rise event, on the 31st August.  Look forward to seeing you then.

29 June, 2019 - Blast from the past!
Blast from the past!

After the most cold and miserable June for many a year, we were treated today to a real blast of summer and the hottest day of the year so far.  The bullocks were still there - but seem to have lost interest in our shooting these days, so that was good.  Unfortunately, since our last shoot, some toe rag had seen fit to break into our shed, presumably looking for things of value. As we don't leave anything of value in there nothing was stolen, but they did make a mess of the door in their efforts to find that out.  A big thank-you to Rob MacFarlane for working most of the today in the hot sunshine to do a sterling job of repairing the door and the lock.

On to the shooting, and it really was a special day.  The Phil Morgan trophy was up for grabs and conditions were just about perfect.  It was apparent from the start that only a 45/45 full-house score would stand any chance of victory today and the first of these was provided by Mark Davies on his very first card. 

Surprisingly, we had quite a wait for the next one.  43s and 44s were two-a-penny but the second full-house proved elusive.  Then on his third card of the day Keith Williams, who has been enjoying a return to form in recent months, got them all, to ensure that a shoot-off would be needed.

In that shoot-off Keith held his nerve to capitalise on a couple of errors by Mark and ran out the deserved and very popular winner of the trophy.  Keith used to be a regular winner at our shoots, so it is nice to see him up there again with the best of them.  Nice also because Phil Morgan and Keith were very good friends and this is the first time Keith has won his trophy.  Very well done Keith - an inspiration to us all!

Next up is the Albert Nixon Trophy shoot and that's on the 27th July.  Let's hope the summer lasts that long.

25 May, 2019 - Ken Dodd Trophy, Never Mind The Bullocks
Ken Dodd Trophy, Never Mind The Bullocks

Our friends the bullocks seem to have taken up permanent residence on our ground now so we had plenty of exercise today, chasing them around the field to keep them out of harms way.

Apart from that, shooting conditions were just about perfect with summer finally putting in an appearance.

Mike Dunning was first out of the blocks with a brilliant 72/75 on the first card of the day. Poor Mike just dropped is very last bird so missed a full-house by the narrowest of margins.  Hard luck Mike!

Still, on many days that would be good enough for a win.  But not today unfortunately.  On his first card of the day, Gary Crofts put in the inevitable full house to really thow down the gauntlet.  It was Russell Pierpoint who rose to that challenge with a very accomplished full-house score of his own on his second card - and so a shoot-off was going to be required.

In the shoot-off it was Gary who prevailed and so we ended the day with Gary lifting the trophy, Russell claimed a well-deserved second place and Mike had to share his third spot with Sam Johnson.  Very well done to all those four for a great competitive shoot.

Next time it's the Phill Morgan Trophy on the 29th June, see you then.

27 April, 2019 - Summer Trophy Season Gets Under Way With The Rob Law Single-Barrel
Summer Trophy Season Gets Under Way With The Rob Law Single-Barrel

Despite some very un-summery weather, our trophy season got started today and up for grabs was the Rob Law Single-Barrel Trophy.

The weather forecast had given a really terrible day with cold winds and constant heavy rain.  In the end, the wind was indeed strong and cold, but the rain was nothing worth speaking of. Sadly it would seem that many people were put off by the forecast and turnout was our lowest for some time.  Pity because it ended up being a really good, enjoyable shoot.  Certainly the herd of bullocks that had invaded our field found the whole thing fascinating.

This shoot is a simple 50-birder (2x25), with only the first barrel to count - so no room for slip-ups, with every bird counting.

The first mark in the sand was put down by Russell Pierpoint who just let one of his first 25 get away - remarkable shooting given the conditions.  At the half-way point it would have been a brave man to have bet against Russell as nobody else had come very close, the wind proving to be very difficult to master.

Unfortunately for Russell his second card let him down a bit and others were able to capitalise on his misfortune.  Gary Crofts put in a very respectable 23/25 bringing his total to 43/50, enough to claim the trophy.  Second spot went to Tom Crowther with a 21 and a 20 giving him 41/50 for they day and second spot overall.  Third spot was shared between Russell and Jason Findlay, each on 40/50.  Well done to all the placed shooters and to everyone who defied the weather forecasters today.

Let's hope the weather has picked up again by the 25th May, when we'll be shooting for the Ken Dodd Trophy. 

30 March, 2019 - Winter Series Nail-biting Finish
Winter Series Nail-biting Finish

Today we were lucky to have the most perfect spring conditons on which to settle this year's Winter Series.

Going into the final straight there were only two contenders left, Tom Devaney on 9 points and Jason Findlay on 8, so we were guaranteed a competitive and exciting shoot.

Jason showed he meant business by putting in full-house scores on his first 2 cards - mightily impressive shooting.  Unfortunately for Tom, he was just having one of those days and, very unusally for him, that elusive full-house score did manage to elude him all the way through.

You can never write Gary Crofts off in these situations and it was always a good bet that he'd make a showing, which he did with a full-house of his own.  Tom Warburton also managed to get them all, but fell foul of our "leaving-early" rule.

So the shoot-off between Jason and Gary, whilst exciting and well-shot by both was academic in that Jason had already done enough to claim the Winter Series.  But Gary did manage to claim victory for the day by winning the shoot-off.

Russell Pierpoint claimed third spot with a very creditable 44/45.  Very well done to Jason on his deserving victory in the Series, and hard-luck to Tom on losing his grip on the trophy by such a narrow margin.  Excellent shooting by both of them over the whole series.  Very well done also to Gary and Russell for making a fight of it right to the end.

So, that's it!  The summer trophy season starts next time with the Rob Law Single Barrel - and that's on the 27th April.  See you then.

23 February, 2019 - Here comes the sun!

With the Winter Series entering its final stages we were treated to the most beautiful early-spring day today.  A cloudless blue sky and unbroken sunshire with little in the way of wind to cause any problems.  This was a perfect day to be out shooting. Perhaps that explains the better turnout,  with 14 shooters competing for the points today. 

First out of the blocks was, who else but Jason Findlay putting in a 15/45 full house score on his first card.  But with such great conditions it was always likely that somebody else would step up to the plate.  First to do so was Club Champion, Tom Devaney on his second card, and so we knew we were in for a shoot off.

Then on his last card of the day, the old master Gary Crofts put in his own perfect score to make the shoot-off a three-way affair.

In the shoot-off it was Jason who emphatically prevailled with yet another perfect 15/45 - no arguing with that.  Gary dopped just a couple of points to claim second spot and Tom took the last point for his third place - but that was enough to keep him in the lead for the series.  Very well done to all three on a great day's shooting and a very entertaining shoot-off.

And so, with just one more shoot to go the Winter Series is now down to just 2 contenders - Tom Devaney on 9 points and Jason Findlay on 8.  Make sure you don't miss the next shoot, it's bound to be a thriller.

The final business of the day was to award Jason Findlay the Most-Improved Trophy for last year.  Very unusual for that trophy to go to one of our best shooters - but by a quirk of statistics that's how it worked out.  Unfortunately for Jason, with an average score of 98.1% last year it's not very likely he'll be winning it again!

See you on the 30th March.

19 January, 2019 - Winter Series Resumed and the new Rob Law Double-Rise Trophy Shoot
Winter Series Resumed and the new Rob Law Double-Rise Trophy Shoot

Very cold conditions again today, but nowhere near as bad as last time, and at least we stayed dry.

There were quite a few things to sort out today, with the introduction of a new trophy shoot in memory of Rob Law - this one for a 20-bird double-rise, the resumption of the Winter Series and the presentation of the trophy for the 2018 Club Champion.

As far as today's shoot was concerned, the day belonged to Robert Tomlinson who blew everybody else out of the water with a mightily impressive 16/20 on his first card.  It always looked like that would win the day and so it did.  Tom Devaney came closest to mounting a challenge with a very respectable 15/20 followed by Mark Warburton on 14/20.  Well done to all three, but particularly to Robert on a very well-deserved and popular win.

So, Robert not only claims three points for the Winter Series but he also became the first name on the new Rob Law Double-Rise Trophy, a very good day's haul indeed.  Congratulations again Robert.

The Champions Trophy for 2018 was claimed, and retained, by Tom Devaney with a running average of 98.4% over the year,  Some shooting and a very worthy champion indeed.

Next shoot is on the 23rd Feb - let's hope it's started to get a bit warmer by then.

15 December, 2018 - Cold, Cold Christmas!
Cold, Cold Christmas!

Last year we had to cancel our Christmas Trophy Shoot because of the weather.  This year the field was dry and the shoot went ahead - but was it cold!  We just caught the front end of Storm Dierdre and had an unbelievably cold, and strong, wind blowing into our faces with a smattering of rain and sleet for good measure - not very pleasant at all. 

The trophy was won by none-other than Jason Findlay with a remarkable, given the conditions, 63/75 points.  Second place went to Mark Davies, just one point behind and third went to John Tennison on 59.  Very well done to all three - in fact very well done to everybody who braved the conditions - it was truly terrible!

With all the results now in, it looks like the Club Champion position will be retained by Tom Devaney.  Congratulations to him on another masterful year of shooting.

Keith was busy with his camera and you can see the results of his handiwork on the Photos page.

The next shoot is on 19th January and sees the resumption of the current Winter Series.  But before that, very best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year to all our members, guests and their families.

24 November, 2018 - Winter Series Half-way Point

Perfect shooting conditions marked the third shoot of this year's Winter Series.  A light grey covering of cloud and no wind to speak of meant that the targets looked very shootable and it was very likely that only a full house score was going to be good enough today.  And so it proved.

Tom Crowther showed some intent on the very first card with a 44/45 - dropping that all important point on his very last bird.  But then the big guns came out and Jason Findlay put in the inevitable 45/45 on his second card.  This feat was repeated by both Tom Devaney and John Tennison on their third cards.

And so, as seems to becoming the custom, we ended up with a three-way shoot-off between Jason Findlay, Tom Devaney and John Tennison.  The first round of that saw Jason and Tom still tied, but  John dropping out to secure third spot.  So, it went to "Sudden Death" and Tom emerged the victor of that to win the day and take all three point for the series - very well done to him.  Jason claimed the 2 points for a very well earned second place and John getting one point for his third place.

And so, at the half-way point the Winter Series if beginning to look like a 2-horse race between Jason and Tom Devaney, with Tom on 6 points and Jason on 5.  But it's still possible for anybody to win it, so it's all to play for when we resume in January.

Meanwhile, next up is our Christmas Trophy Shoot on the 15th December - let's hope that the weather is a bit more cooperative this year.

27 October, 2018 - Three-way shoot off leaves Winter Series wide open

The first Arctic blast of the winter came in overnight to send temperatures plummeting and making it feel more like a Winter Series shoot.  Despite the shock to the system of the bitterly cold wind, conditions were pretty good for shooting and a field of a dozen shooters enjoyed some really keen competition.

The first few cards went by without the expected full-house.  But then Tim Gazes drew first blood with a brilliant 15/45 on his third card.  That seemed to shake everybody up because on their next cards both Gary Crofts and Tom Devaney also put in full-house scores.

That's how it ended after normal competion and so a three-way shoot-off was required to settle the issue.  Tom Devaney came out the emphatic winner of that, with the fourth full-house score of the day - unbeatable shooting, so well done to him.  Gary came out runner up and Tim claimed third spot - congratulation to all three.

So, it's 3 points for Tom, 2 for Gary and 1 for Tim.  Which leaves the series wide open at this early stage. Click here to see the series results so far.

Next shoot, the third of the series, will be on the 24th November - don't miss it!

29 September, 2018 - Winter Series Gets Underway

On the kind of day that would have been quite at home in June or July, our 2018/19 Winter Series got underway today with some very good shooting and exciting competition.

Conditions were just about pefect, so it was highly likely that a full house was going to be needed to win, and the first of these was provided by none other than Jason Findlay on his second card.  The second one was provided by Mark Warburton on his third card.  Many other shooters came close, most notably Tom Warburton with an impressive 44/45 on his fourth and last card, but nobody else could quite get them all.

So, the end result of all this was a shoot-off between Jason and Mark, and Jason ran out the emphatic winner of that, with his second full-house of the day.  Very well done to him on a stunning victory.  But well done also to Mark and Tom for giving him a good run for his money.

The series will contunue on the 27th October - hope to see you then.

25 August, 2018 - Rob Ankers Trophy - Three in a row for Jason Findlay
Rob Ankers Trophy - Three in a row for Jason Findlay

Today's shoot was preceded by our AGM - the minutes are on the download page

Once shooting eventually got underway, the few early showers had cleared away and conditions were just about perfect again for our annual Double-Rise event. 

The first mark in the sand was put down by Russell Pierpoint with a very accomplished 17/20 on his first card - under normal circumstances that is a score that would be expected to win the day.  This trophy has been won many times with scores far lower than that.

But that was before the advent of Jason Findlay to the club, who seems to be establishing himself as our double-rise specialist.  On his third card Jason matched Russell's 17 and so we were all expecting to see a shoot-off.  But then on his fourth and last card Jason settled it with a mightily impressive 18/20, top-quality shooting. So, for the third year in a row the Rob Ankers trophy was taken home by Mr Findlay - very well done to him.  Well done also to Russell on his very respectable second spot and also to Tom Devaney and Mike Dunning who shared third place with 16/20 apiece.

Well, that's it for our summer trophy season.  Next up is the start of the 2018/19 Winter Series and that's on the 29th September.  See you then..

28 July, 2018 - Summer on hold?
Summer on hold?

After one of the longest, hottest, driest spells of weather that any of us can remember we arrived at the field this morning to a very different feel.  Overnight the temperature had dropped by about 10 degrees and there was definitely a sense of rain being not far away.  More importantly there was a good stiff breeze blowing - which made for some very interesting shooting.  Luckily, the rain held off until we were clearing up so it ended up being a pretty much perfect day for shooting.

Up for grabs today was the Albert Nixon Trophy and the question was going to be who could master the tricky wind.  The answer was, fairly emphatically, Jason Findlay who won the trophy three times with a score of 44/45 on three of his four cards.  Exceptional shooting under the conditions and congratulation to Jason on a very well deserved win.

Second place went to Tom Devaney with an almost equally masterful 43 and John Tennison, Russell Pierpoint and Mark Warburton shared third spot on 42.  Very well done to all the placed shooters.

We were very pleased to welcome Julie Carroll as a new member to the club and - scoring 32/45 on her very first attempt at DTL - definitely a name to watch out for in the future.

Next time it's The Rob Ankers Double-Rise event  on the 25th August and that will be preceded by the AGM - so please arrive in good time for that

23 June, 2018 - 5-Man Shoot-Off and Sudden Death Needed to settle Phil Morgan Trophy
5-Man Shoot-Off and Sudden Death Needed to settle Phil Morgan Trophy

Well, we waited long enough for it, but I think we can now say that summer is well and truly here.  Conditions on the field today were just beautiful - unbroken sunshine with just enough of a breeze to prevent it getting too hot.

The shooting on the other hand was red-hot.  Up for grabs was the Phil Morgan Trophy and a field of 12 shooters provided some really first-class shooting with no less than 5 people scoring full houses over the course of the afternoon.  So, for the first time in many years we had a shoot-off with a full line of shooters; John Tennison, Tom Devaney, Mark Davies, Gary Crofts and Jason Findlay all having put in perfect 45/45 scores.

But even that wasn't the end of matters.  Mark, Gary and Jason all dropped points in the first shoot-off and so dropped out, but Tom and John got another full-house each - great shooting under the pressure of a shoot-off.  So we had to have a sudden-death shoot-off to try and separate the two.  That concluded with victory for last month's winner, John Tennsion.  Very well shot to both of them and to all who took part in the shoot-off.  Jason would have won third place but had to leave early and so the prize for third place went to Gary Crofts.

Next up is the Albert Nixon Trophy and that's on the 28th July. See you then!

26 May, 2018 - Ken Dodd Trophy Goes All The Way To The Wire
Ken Dodd Trophy Goes All The Way To The Wire

The Ken Dodd Trophy is our oldest and a very highly valued prize.  Being over 25 birds it always provides a real test of shooting prowess.  Today proved no exception.

Conditions were pretty much perfect after a very rainy Friday, and a grey covering of cloud prevented it getting too hot or too bright to see the clays.

The very first card of the day set the tone, with Tom Devaney throwing down the gauntlet with a masterly 74/75 - just one second-barrel kill.  Tom Crowther wasn't very far behind, but the prat went and dropped his very last bird, leaving him on 72/75.

For the rest of the day it looked like nobody was going to surpass Tom Devaney's score, but then on the very last card of the day last year's winner,  John Tennison,  came up with a brilliantly executed full-house score to  claim victory and retain the cup.  So, it was victory to John, second place to Tom Devaney and third spot to Tom Crowther.  Well done to all three.

We were delighted to welcome one new member to the club, Mark Shard, who made a mightily impressive debut to the world of DTL shooting - certainly one to watch for the future.

Next time it's the Phil Morgan Trophy and that's on 23rd June - see you then.

28 April, 2018 - Trophy Season Gets Under Way With The Rob Law Single-Barrel Event
Trophy Season Gets Under Way With The Rob Law Single-Barrel Event

Today we were without our secretary and club stalwart, Keith Williams, who was attending to private family matters and, for the first time anyone could remember, was not able to join us.  So, we had to manage the administration of the shoot ourselves, which was interesting!  Come back Keith, all is forgiven.  Our thoughts are with you at a very difficult time.

On the shooting front, things went very well with 14 shooters enjoying the fresh air.  The weather was just about perfect and, despite recent rain, the field was remarkably dry.  The order of the day was to settle the Rob Law Trophy, our only single-barrel event of the year.

The first card of the day set the tone with three shooters, Mark Davies, Jason Findlay and Russell Pierpoint, all scoring a very impressive 23/25.  But on the next line, it was the veteran campaigner  and Club Champion Tom Devaney who got them all, a brilliant 25/25 full-house.  So at the half-way point all bets were on Tom to take the prize.  In the end that is the way it worked out - but it was a nail-biting finish.  Russ, Jason and Mark were only 2 points behind after the first round and Tom slipped a little by dropping 2 points himself on his second card.  But Russell and Mark each dropped a single point themselves so it ended with Tom on 48/50, and Russell and Mark on 47.  Really good shooting from all three and well done Tom for prevailing in the end.

Next time it's the Ken Dodd Trophy, on the 26th May.  Let's hope that spring is properly underway by then and that Keith is back with us.

31 March, 2018 - Winter Series Finale - Let's hope that's the end of winter too!
Winter Series Finale - Let's hope that's the end of winter too!

Normally, by the end of the Winter Series spring is getting underway.  Not this year.  Today the weather carried on in the same vein that it has all winter - very wet, very cold and very unpleasant.  Still, we managed to get the trap onto the field and staged what turned out to be a very good, and well attended shoot.  We were also pleased to welcome Matthew Hall as the latest new member to the club.

The main business of the day was to settle the Winter Series and with only two contenders, Gary Crofts and Tom Devaney, on 6 and 6.3 points respectively, things could not have been more finely balanced.  But it was last year's winner, Jason Findlay, who came storming out of the blocks with not just one, but two 44/45s.  Great shooting given the conditions.  So, the two contenders were pushed down the list a bit and it was Tom Devaney who claimed second spot with a superb 43/45 - just edging Gary into third with a very respectable 42/45.  All of which means that the Winter Series trophy will spend the year of the Devaney mantelpiece - very well done to Tom and hard luck Gary.  Congratulations to both on a very well fought campaign.

So Tom was well and truly into the silverware, shown here being presented with both the Club Champion trophy for last year and also the Winter Series trophy.  Fine shooting over a long period of time.

The one remaining item of business was to present the Most Improved Shooter trophy, for last year.  And the winner this time was John Howard, shown here receiving his trophy.  Very well done John.

The next shoot is the Rob Law trophy on the 28th April - let's hope that spring has put in an appearance by then.

10 March, 2018 - Normal Service Resumed!
Normal Service Resumed!

Well, in the 56 years of the club's history we have never had a winter like this one.  Let's hope we don't get another for the next 56.

This was our first shoot since the end of October and went ahead despite pretty atrocious conditions underfoot.  Nevertheless, by leaving all the cars on the road and by man-handling the trap onto the field we did manage to hold what turned out to be a very enjoyable shoot.  We were particularly delighted to welcome two new members to the club, Mark and Tom Warburton,  A big thanks to them and to everyone else who turned out on a very dubious morning. Having said that, conditions while we were shooting were pretty much perfect, just a bit of rain coming in at the end.

So, what should have been our 5th Winter Series shoot was effectively our third, there will only be four shoots in the series this year.  We also decided that the winner of today's shoot would be awarded the Christmas Trophy for last year.  So there was a lot to shoot for.

The two new members looked likely to cause a bit of embarassment, shooting very, very well on their debuts with us.  But it was the old warhorse, Gary Crofts, who came out of the blocks like a man possessed, scoring 44/45 on his first card.  That looked unbeatable on the day, but it wasn't!  He only went and shot a full-house (45/45) on his second and last card.  Needless to say that won the day and provided us all with a masterclass in shooting DTL.  Very well done to Gary who claims 3 points for the Winter Series and the Christmas Trophy too.

Second place went to Mark Davies with a very impressive 44/45 and third spot was shared between Tom Warburton, Russell Pierpoint and Tom Devaney.  Well done to all those.

We had a bit of a backlog of trophies to award at the end of the shoot.  Tom Devaney ran out the very worthy winner of the Club Champion Trophy for 2017, just pipping John Tennison by the very narrowest of margins - well done to Tom and very hard luck to John.  The Most Improved Shooter award goes to John Howard, but unfortunately John was not with us today so we will be presenting that at the next shoot.

Talking of which, the next shoot will be on the 31st March and that will be the finale for this year's Winter Series - hope to see you then.

27 January, 2018 - Shoot Abandoned / Shoot Re-Scheduled

Owing to our field being flooded, today's shoot is cancelled.

Also, our February shoot, scheduled for 24th Feb will now take place on 10th March, owing to circumstances beyond our control.