.... clay pigeon shooting in beautiful South Cheshire
Est. 1962
Clay pigeon shooting in Cheshire and Shropshire
Tattenhall Gun Club - DTL Clay Pigeon Shooting, Tilston, Cheshire  Email: tgc@tattenhallgunclub.co.uk

Because the club is owned and run by the members, and we do all of the work ourselves, our shooting costs are just about as low as they can be.  In fact the total cost of shooting with us is very little more than the cost of the clays and cartridges themselves. Any surpluses that are generated are ploughed back into the club to cover our insurances, equipment maintenance and replacement and the small amount of prize money that is offered for each shoot.  (Please don't come to us expecting to make yourself rich. A first prize will typically earn you the price of a box of cartridges!)

All of the prices shown below (particularly those for cartridges) are for guidance only and may change without notice.

Membership fees are due in August each year and the current fee for the 2014/15 year is just 5.

In return for the fee you gain eligibility for inclusion in the trophy shoots, the right to attend our AGM and pay reduced fees for both shooting and cartridges (See below).

Most people will recoup their membership fees at their first shoot, by virtue of the reduced prices.

You will have to pay for each entry that you have and the rate depends on the number of birds being shot that day.  The prices charged for this are essentially to cover the cost of the targets themselves, with a small margin to cover our running costs and prize money.

Current charges are as follows:

                                     Members              Non-Members
             15 Birds                3.00                     4.00
             20 Birds                4.00                     5.00
             25 Birds                5.00                     6.00


We buy cartridges in bulk, and negotiate hard so that we can offer cartridges to our members at prices that are generally less than those available in shops or at commercially run shoots.

The cartridges offered vary depending on availability, but the specification is always 28grm, 7½ shot size, fibre wad.

Some members do prefer to use their own cartridges, which is no problem, but please remember that FIBRE WADS are mandatory and STEEL shot is strictly forbidden for safety reasons.

Current prices are as follows:

Gamebore Velocity   28g 7½ FIBRE :       
                                                             Members:           5.00
                                                             Non-members:   6.50