Tattenhall Gun Club
.... clay pigeon shooting in beautiful South Cheshire
Est. 1962
Clay pigeon shooting in Cheshire and Shropshire
Tattenhall Gun Club - DTL Clay Pigeon Shooting, Tilston, Cheshire  Email: tgc@tattenhallgunclub.co.uk

1) Any gun, whether it be loaded, unloaded, closed or open must NEVER be pointed at anyone or anything other than the intended target.
    REASON: If a gun is never pointed at anybody, it can never shoot anybody.

2) Except when they are on a shooting stand and ready to shoot, all guns must be OPEN and UNLOADED, in a slip/case or securely at rest
    on a gun rack.  Semi-automatic guns must have their action open and a safety flag inserted when not on a shooting stand.
    REASON: It is not enough for you to know that a gun is unloaded and safe - everybody must be able to see it.

3) No gun may be loaded until the shooter is on a stand and ready to shoot. When on the shooting stand guns must always be pointed
    down-range, even when empty.  The turning of guns over to eject spent cartridges directly into the bins is strictly forbidden.
    REASON: Accidental discharges are a reality of this sport.  Provided the gun is ALWAYS pointed down-range such discharges,
    whilst undesirable, need not present undue risks.

4) When walking between stands, all guns must be UNLOADED and broken.
    REASON: A trip or stumble can easily lead to a loaded gun inadvertently closing and discharging.

5) Only serviceable guns, currently in proof, and using the correct ammunition are allowed onto the shooting ground.
    REASON: An out-of-proof gun is a danger to its user and anyone nearby.

6) Both eye and ear protection must be worn at all times when shooting is in progress.
    REASON: Ricochets and falling clay fragments are a real danger to eyes. Shotgun noise, over years, will damage your hearing.

7) The use of STEEL SHOT is strictly forbidden.
   REASON: Steel shot is more prone to ricochets generally, but our metal trap-house poses a particular risk of the shot being
    directed back towards the shooters and spectators.

8) The consumption of alcohol before or during shooting is strictly forbidden.
    REASON: Alcohol impairs judgement, which can be fatal in the presence of guns.

9) Dogs and small children should not be brought onto the ground, but when they are they must be securely confined within the owners'
    vehicle when shooting is in progress.
    REASON: Animals and children are not aware of the risks that are present on a shooting ground and may stray into dangerous areas.

10) Any person, member or guest, has the right to caution any other person who they believe to be acting in an unsafe manner.
     REASON: Safety is everyone's responsibility, and anyone is capable of having an absent-minded moment.
Although it uses some of the most dangerous equipment imaginable, the sport of clay shooting is actually quite safe. Injuries, and certainly fatalities, are very rare indeed.  Motor racing, skiing, football, rugby, even jogging are far more likely to result in injury than your attendance at a properly organised clay shoot. 

The reason for this is that over the years the shooting fraternity have developed clear rules to govern the safe handling and use of guns, and the clay shooting world has refined these to address the particular risks involved in our sport.  Learning and understanding these rules, to the point where they become second nature, is the starting point for anyone taking up clay pigeon shooting.

Our own safety record to-date is exemplary and this is in no small part down to our own set of Safety Rules which are spelled out below.  Anyone who wilfully disregards these rules will be disqualified from membership and asked to leave the ground.

Except in the area of safety, we are not that keen on "rules" as a club.  But for the sake of fairness and the enjoyment of the majority we have found it necessary to introduce some rules to govern various aspects of shooting and the conduct of shooters whilst on the shooting ground.  Scroll further down the page and you will find our club-specific "Code of Conduct".
In addition to our Safety Rules, which members and guests are required to obey, we have a "Code of Conduct" which they are asked to respect.  The aim of this code is to ensure a level playing field in our competitions, reduce the potential for misunderstandings and conflict and to make membership of the club a more agreeable and pleasant experience for all.

1) All members are required, at the point of joining the club, to provide the club secretary with personal information as requested,
    including Shotgun Certificate details, and the member must agree to this information being stored for exclusive use by the club.
    REASON: To satisfy legal requirements regarding the clubs responsibility for checking shotgun certificates.

2) All members must bring their Shotgun Certificate along with them to each and every shoot.  Unless the legal requirements are met
    in this regard we cannot allow a person to buy ammunition or shoot.
   REASON: Legal requirement.

3) We have a very strict FIBRE WADS ONLY rule.  Anyone found to be using plastic wads will be disqualified and asked to leave the field.
    Loads are limited to 28grams of shot in no greater than shot-size 7.
    REASON: To minimise our environmental impact and to comply with generally accepted competition regulations.

4) Members are asked to arrive early on shoot days, in order to assist in setting up the ground, and to stay until the end of shooting
    to clear away the ground afterwards.  In order to qualify for prizes, which are presented right at the end of the day, shooters must
    be present when the prizes are being awarded.
   REASON: To spread the workload of running the club as widely as possible.

5) The general rules that we follow for shooting DTL and the administration of competitions will be as defined by the CPSA in
    their "Technical rules for DTL" booklet.
    REASON: To ensure consistency, as far as is desirable, with other DTL shoots.

6) Only club members are eligible to win any of our club trophies.  In situations where a guest shooter wins a trophy shoot, they will
    be presented with a cash alternative, with the trophy being presented to the highest scoring club member.
    REASON: To ensure the security of our much valued trophies.

7) Members are asked to ensure that their mobile phones are turned off when shooting is in progress.
    REASON: Phones are a distraction to shooters and can be dangerous.

8) The scorer is in sole control of the line when shooting is in progress and has the final say on all matters to do with safety, etiquette
    and competition rules.  All shooters are obliged to follow the scorer's instructions.
    REASON: Democracy on a shooting line does not work.